South African stores that accept PayPal | Behind The Scenes (2023)

South African stores that accept PayPal | Behind The Scenes (1)

Published: 29 January 2019 by Renier Delport

Last updated: 19 March 2022


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There are a couple of good reasons why someone in South Africa would want to use their PayPal account to pay for online goods.

Whether you have PayPal linked to your South African credit card, or you have some spare bucks hanging around in it, here are some online South African stores that will be happy to take your hard-earned money.

3D Printing Store

3D Printing started in 2013 from a feeling of frustration not to be able to buy the 3D Printer components we need for our projects in South Africa.” Based in Centurion, they have almost 3 000 followers on Facebook and not so many on Twitter (January 2021).


Airbnb, Inc. is an American company that operates an online marketplace for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities. Their services are popularly used on their South African portal, where, if the currency is set to U$D, you can pay with PayPal.


With about ten years under its belt, bidorbuy is one of South Africa’s foremost online destinations. Through their sellers, they offer a huge variety of goods. Sellers that accept PayPal can be filtered by choosing “PayPal as Payment” option on the left of the page.

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For AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO), the BrickLink Marketplace is a place to buy LEGO sets and individual brick pieces. Its community is strong and the site hosts a lot of South African sellers who may, or may not, accept PayPal as a payment method.

The Blockstad Bricklink Store accepts PayPal.


At Mantality they love and sell manly stuff. Their online store features 1000’s of ‘the coolest gadgets and products aimed exclusively at men’. Items range from South African sourced to imported products. Mantality is a recent addition to this post (thank you for letting us know in the comments section), but they have been operating since 2008.

MDF Models

MDF Models is a South African online store operating from Port Elizabeth that sells plastic model kits, books & DVDs, model paint and accessories. There’s not a lot of information about them on the internet, but their Facebook group has been active since 2015 and they have 257 members at the time of updating this post.


We all know Netflix. Being an American company, the South African branch of Netflix also accepts PayPal.


Just to be nice, also accepts PayPal as a payment method. They are South Africa’s leading florist and flower shop that also delivers in various locations across the globe.

PC Direct Online

Situated in Cape Town, South Africa, PC Direct online sells PCs, laptops and PC equipment. At the time of writing, they had a great rating on OneShop with only one complaint on Hellopeter. Although they have an order-before-pay system, they offer free delivery on higher-priced items.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Shelflifeis an international online sneaker, graffiti and streetwear store. They have a good rating on Facebook, with over 600 000 fans.


Showmax is the South African equivalent of Netflix with a lot of local movies and series. They also accept PayPal as payment.

Uber Eats South Africa

The very popular Uber Eats also accepts PayPal as a payment method. By installing their Smart App, PayPal comes up as one of the payment options. Before the payment can be finalised, the PayPal account has to be verified by the App.

Honourable mentions


South African stores that accept PayPal | Behind The Scenes (4)BangGood is an online Chinese store that sells thousands of products including toys, computer and electronic accessories, tools, etc. They accept PayPal too.

BandGood ships to South Africa using Buffalo International Express which will charge customs and VAT on larger parcels. Buffalo International Express does not accept PayPal.


Skillshare is an American online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. South Africans are also welcome to join. Turn your PayPal debit into knowledge.

The majority of courses focus on interaction rather than lecturing, with the primary goal of learning by completing a project. Skillshare offers courses in almost anything you can think of, including programming, art, web design, social media, and many, many more.

You can now try out Skillshare for two months without paying anything (for FREE). Simply use this link to sign up.


Envato is an online digital asset and online tool website that has thousands and thousands of royalty-free assets up for grabs. Their products can be used by creatives all over the world, including South Africa.

Assets include professional music, photos, website templates, sound effects, art, icons and many, many more.

Other stores that accept PayPal

Please get in touch with us if you know of any other online South African shops, or your own online shop, that accepts PayPal as a payment option.

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Let us know if any of the abovementioned shops stopped accepting PayPal as a payment method.

Update log

19 March 2022

  • Added Airbnb

May 2021

  • Added BrickLink
  • Added Showmax
  • Added Uber Eats
  • Removed Vape Store

20 April 2021

  • Added Envato

3 January 2021

  • Added 3D Printing Store
  • Added Netflorist

November 2020

  • Removed Dischem

South African stores that accept PayPal | Behind The Scenes (5)

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  1. Cape Union Mart and partners accept PayPal, I bought from them.
    Old Khaki
    Tread + Miller

    They sell power tools

  3. Poetry and addidas both accept PayPal
    I bought from both of them.

  4. Netflix does take PayPal. It only takes cards. I’ve wanted to pay for months now.

  5. I found out that I could load airtime via ezetop and pay with PayPal

  6. I haven’t shopped from Cape Union Mart, but I could not find information about PayPal on the front page. If someone else managed to pay using PayPal on their website, please let us know.

  7. Where can I buy laptop using pay pal

  8. Uber eats accepted PayPal

  9. Netflix does not accept PayPal in South Africa.

  10. It seems Netflorist is not accepting PayPal anymore… tried now, once on ‘checkout’ there is no more PayPal option.

  11. Hi Everyone
    NetFlorist uses Pay Pal for payment, I have used it many atimes and its hassle free and quick to use. Awesome

  12. Uber Eats App allows PayPal. Added to the list. Thank you Francois.

    (Video) SALLR 2021 behind the scenes @Maslow Hotel!

  13. Thank you Marnus

  14. You can also buy Airtime in South Africa with PayPal. Website called DING.COM

  15. I personally haven’t used Uber Eats, but PayPal is listed as a payment option on their website, yes.

  16. Uber eats accepts Paypal

  17. Netflorist accepts PayPal

  18. Showmax Accepts Paypal, as does Uber Eats, and

  19. Dischem no longer accepts PayPal :(

  20. Do you know where I could purchase an electricity voucher using paypal?

  21. Hi, Netflix doesn’t accept paypal

  22. Dis-Chem also accepts PayPal :)

  23. Dischem accepts PayPal

  24. Hi all,
    How do I buy Vodacom airtime using PayPal. gives me an error. Are there any obvious others?

  25. Hey (great post but wish there more retailers listed), for people that vape – accept PayPal. You complete your order and select eft as payment option and then email asking him to send a PayPal invoice. Easy. Also, cannasutra (thc oils and marijuana edibles) also accept PayPal.

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What stores take PayPal as payment? ›

Major Online Stores That Accept PayPal
  • Best Buy.
  • Walmart.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Dell.
  • Gamestop.
  • eBay.
  • Expedia.
  • Ikea.
1 Dec 2021

Can I use PayPal at Shoprite? › accepts payments in the form of credit, debit, Paypal, and even EBT access cards, also known as food stamps.

Does Takealot take PayPal? ›

Hi there, thank you for reaching out to and for your time and patience. Regrettably, we do not accept payment from Paypal. Please try using one of our 10 different payment methods on our website as it is safe and secure. It is always a pleasure to assist.

Can I withdraw PayPal money at Pick n pay? ›

Yes and No. Which is which? Can I withdraw PayPal money at your stores? Hi Milton, kindly note that we do not offer this service instore as yet.

Can I use PayPal at Woolworths? ›

Go to the checkout page and choose the Pay now or pay later option. Select PayPal. You will be shown a PayPal modal to finalise your order.

How can I use PayPal without a card? ›

You don't need to have a credit card to use PayPal. You can use your PayPal account with a bank account or a checking account. And you can choose to use an anonymous prepaid credit card to send money into your PayPal Wallet.

Can you use PayPal in shops? ›

PayPal provides retailers with a flexible and scalable solution set to help convert consumers at the moment of purchase whether online, on a mobile device or in-store.

How many pay in 4 PayPal can I have? ›

PayPal Pay in 4 is PayPal's buy now, pay later (BNPL) service for online shoppers. If you use this option at checkout, you can split your purchase into four equal payments with no interest or fees.

How can I withdraw money from PayPal without a bank account? ›

Can I withdraw money from PayPal without a bank account? Depending on your jurisdiction that your PayPal account is in, you can request a paper check to a destination of your choice, or you can withdraw your account balance to a PayPal Debit Card where you can then withdraw cash from any ATM.

How do I withdraw money from PayPal to capitec? ›

Transfer from PayPal to Capitec

On the main menu, select “PayPal Services” and then “Withdraw from PayPal.” Enter the withdrawal details, including your Capitec Bank account, USD amount and reason for transaction.

How do I withdraw money from PayPal in South Africa? ›

How to Use PayPal in South Africa WITHOUT an FNB Bank Account

Can I use PayPal on Shein? ›

When you choose to pay for an order via PayPal you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page, where you can log in with your PayPal username and password.

Can I use PayPal on Amazon? ›

Although Amazon doesn't let you pay with PayPal, it does let you choose the credit or debit card you want to use during the checkout process. If you use a PayPal Cash Card, PayPal Business Debit Mastercard or PayPal's new virtual card, PayPal Key, you can pay for your Amazon purchases with your PayPal account.

Does PayPal work with capitec? ›

Yes, you can.

Can I receive money on PayPal without linking a bank account? ›

No, you don't need a bank account to sign up for PayPal or to receive payments. You can, however, connect your PayPal account to a bank account, a debit card or a credit card account for sending and receiving payments and transferring funds.

Can you link a South African bank account to PayPal? ›

You do need to sign up for an FNB Withdraw Service account, which'll let you link a PayPal account to a South African bank account.

How do I transfer money from PayPal to my debit card instantly? ›

Login to the PayPal app and tap on your balance in the home screen. This is your current PayPal balance you can withdraw from. Tap "Transfer money" and then "Transfer to your bank account ". For an Instant Transfer, select your Visa debit card, or link it if you haven't already, and then press next.

Does Dischem use PayPal? ›

Payment for orders are debited directly to your credit card or you can elect other options such as Zapper, PayPal, Mobicred or even your Dis-Chem loyalty points.

How do I withdraw money from PayPal in South Africa? ›

Once your bank and Paypal accounts are linked, the process to withdraw money is quick and easy.
  1. Log in to your Paypal account and go to your Wallet.
  2. Click Transfer Funds.
  3. Click Transfer to your bank account.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete your withdrawal.

Does KFC take PayPal? ›

You can pay at KFC using a digital wallet of your choice, just remember to set up PayPal as your primary payment source. This restaurant has not implemented in-app payments using PayPal unfortunately, you have to tap your mobile phone on the terminal in person.

Does PayPal work with capitec? ›

Yes, you can.

Does betway accept PayPal? ›

Your PayPal account must be a 'Verified' account to be able to complete the deposit transaction on our gaming site. Once you click "Deposit," another window will pop up prompting you to log in to PayPal. Proceed to log in and finalize your deposit.

Does PayPal work in South Africa? ›

Is PayPal Available In South Africa? The good news is that yes, PayPal is available in South Africa. You can use PayPal to pay and to receive payments online for goods or services. However, due to South African regulations, using PayPal in South Africa does come with a few constraints.

What cards can I use at clicks? ›

Payment options
  • Credit card: Visa or MasterCard.
  • Debit card: Visa or MasterCard.
  • Electronic funds transfer: (EFT) via PayU EFT Pro.

Can I receive money on PayPal without linking a bank account? ›

No, you don't need a bank account to sign up for PayPal or to receive payments. You can, however, connect your PayPal account to a bank account, a debit card or a credit card account for sending and receiving payments and transferring funds.

Can I withdraw money from PayPal without bank account? ›

No bank account required for withdrawals

Don't have a bank account or it's too far to travel to one? With the GCash account, you can easily transfer your available PayPal balance and use the funds however you want. Simple.

What bank is linked to PayPal? ›

PayPal and the PayPal logo are trademarks of PayPal, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

Can I use PayPal in Mcdonalds? ›

McDonald's owns more than 30,000 restaurants worldwide. The fast food chain is one of a number of retailers, including Home Depot, that have recently signed up to use PayPal to process payments in store.

Can you use PayPal to buy food? ›

Yes, you can order food with PayPal if you add your PayPal account to Google Pay or Samsung Pay. You can then order food with PayPal at restaurants that accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay as a payment method.

Can I pay Pizza Hut with PayPal? ›

i) Pizza Hut Delivery only accept Paypal instant paying transactions, please make sure money in PayPal Account is enough, or you can recharge your account at Paypal Website.Do not pay your order on Alipay Website.


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