The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (2023)

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (1)

Ok, admit it. We all dream of a beautiful home office worthy enough to be featured on a Pinterest board.

But how do we get there? And how do you turn your normal home office space to the aesthetically curated images plastered on your feed?

While it may not happen overnight, there are 5 important things that every styled office has in common — and it’s time to uncover them. Each of these things are what will make your home office feel styled and complete, without feeling too overwhelmed at where to start.

So, let’s dig in!

And if you’re still on the search for some home office inspo, make sure to check out this round-up of the Home Office Nooks We’re Totally Inspired By.

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (2)

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (3)

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (4)

  1. good lighting

Sometimes the problem isn’t the office itself but the environment in which it’s in. Good lighting is an essential part of a Pinterest-Worthy home office that can immediately turn your space from drab to fab at no additional cost.

While you may not have the luxury of having floor to ceiling windows, even a small window can do a lot of justice in brightening and opening up space. If your home office is currently located in a dark corner of the house, try to move it to a place that receives more natural light. Or install some day-time lightbulbs to give the same illusion.

Not only will this help brighten up your workspace, but also boost brain activity and releases endorphins, making your home office a nice place to be in. So grab your favorite light filtering curtains, and let’s get sunny.

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (5)


We each have an ideal image of what a perfect Pinterest-Worthy office looks like for us, but sometimes getting there is the problem. That problem can be solved by determining exactly what your style is and buying pieces within that style to create a cohesive space.

One thing that all Pinterest-Worthy offices have is a cohesive style that you can see throughout the entire space.

Don’t worry if your design style isn’t just limited to one, it’s normal to be a mix of 3, 4 or even 5 different styles - with our favorite ones taking up the larger percentage. The most important thing is making sure that the pieces you select work well with one another.

When designing your workspace, always remember that you are creating an experience for yourself and others which means that every piece plays a part in bringing the room together in a beautiful way.

If you’re not too sure what your design style is or where to begin, there are a lot of quizzes that can help you find out! I like this one and this one, and here’s a breakdown of the different styles overall.

shop similar Office Looks

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (13)

3. Nice Flow

One thing that Pinterest-worthy home offices have in common is that the office flows seamlessly with the rest of the house. They have good use of both negative and positive space and make sure that the location/size of the furniture doesn’t look odd or out of place.

This allows their office to look seamless with the rest of their home, therefore automatically creating a space of its own.

How does your home office space flow with the rest of the house? Is it in an awkward place tucked away in the back of the dining room? Or have you established an area of it on its own (regardless of size)?

While we may not all have the space to have a full-blown home office, there is a way to correctly use the space given to make sure that our office still flows with the rest of the house.

When you’re refreshing your home office, make sure you select the correct size furniture for the space you have delegated or not blocking off any walkways.

Think logically about where your office space should be, and try measuring the space out before shopping for it, that way you have a good idea of how things will fit and how it can flow.

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (14)

4. Structure and Function

The fourth thing that you need for a Pinterest-Worthy home office is structure and function.

These two characteristics create a foundation for your home office by intentionally using space to make it both a beautiful place while serving needs.

There’s no point in having a beautiful office nook area if the chairs aren’t actually comfortable or there’s not enough desk space to work with.

Is your home office functional for your needs?

When you’re thinking about refreshing your home office space, try to think of ways to solve problems functionally — such as placing a grid on the wall to hold supplies or having a side cabinet for your printer.

The 5 Things You Need for a Pinterest-Worthy Home Office — Corporate Queendom (15)

Statement Piece

Every gorgeous Pinterest-Worthy apartment has a statement piece that draws your attention. What’s the focal point of your office nook or where you want the most attention directed towards?

Is it your gorgeous vintage desk you picked up at an antique shop? Or the sleek white shelves that draw the eye upward and highlight the tall ceiling? Or maybe a rope pendant light with a hanging Edison light bulb?

Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to make it your statement piece and style everything more neutral around it. Pinterest-worthy home offices often have a statement piece that grabs your eye.

This is what makes your office nook space super unique to you while adding an extra “oomf” to your workspace.

If you’re looking for artwork to serve as your statement piece, check out this roundup of 20 Beautiful Art Prints That Will Brighten Up Your Space.

That’s it for the Home Office Inspo Round Up. I hope this got your creative juices flowing and helped you be able to think of ways to redesign your space. Which characteristic do you feel like speaks to you the most? And which office space was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Office-Space Shopping,
The Corporate Queen

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