Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (2023)

Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (1)This week I got a sneak peek at the newAnimal CrossingNew Horizons: Happy Home Paradiseexpansion packand was able to ask the team at Nintendo some pressing questions for ACNH fans!

I answer some of the burning questions about playing this newexpansion pack and what you can do in the game.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise is out now and can be purchased for $24.99, or upgrade yourNintendo Switch Online account to include Expansion Packs, and it comes included along with the new Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis expansions!

YourAnimal CrossingHappy Home Paradise Questions Answered!

I’ve bought Happy Home Paradise, now what, it’s not loading?

Now that the DLC is live, you need to close out of the software to make sure everything is downloaded. In the Nintendo Shop, make sure the button says “Downloaded.” Close out ofAnimal CrossingNew Horizonsand hit the + sign to make sure everything is updated. I had to close out of the game completely to get it to load fresh.

When you start the game again, it will ask to check online if you can play. Make sure to hit Check so it can access the internet and activate your download!

Restart the game again, when you walk out of your home,Tom Nookwill call you on the phone and ask you to meet someone new at theairport. There you will meetLottie and be asked to join the Happy Home Paradise team. You’ll also see the Happy Home Paradise delivery in your mailbox.

You then just have to tell the Dodo “I want to go to work.” Away you go!Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (2)

What happens if you take on a client and need to leave the game or it closes?

Just like the normal game, the data saves periodically while you’re playing. If you are actively working on a client’s house and you need to end your sessions, the work you’ve put in so far will be saved. You can leave or close the game and come back to the project to complete it for the client later. There are no time limits for decorating. So if a spark of genius comes to you later, you can go back and work on it again.

Can everyone on my island (Nintendo Family) useHappy Home Paradise DLC?

Yes, everyone in the Nintendo family can play theexpansion pack. We have two Nintendo Switches and aNintendo Switch OnlineFamily account. This allows my kids to play on my main island. Each time a new account plays the game, they will be asked to meetLottieand start their new job.

Secondary Switches can also play! No need topurchasemultiple times.

Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (3)

Are the Happy Home Paradise characters different?

Yes! Just like when you start your island, the Happy Home Paradise auto-populates a getaway destination that is different than say a family member or a friend on the same Switch. With over 900 characters inAnimal Crossing, it allows for all different characters to be selected. While you may get a set of characters, another person on your island will get a completely different set!

If you’re one of those people with two islands or multiple villagers, you have the ability to createvacation homesfor tons of different characters.

Can I decorate more than just homes?

Yes! There are other buildings on the island, too calledfacilities, like a school, a café, a restaurant, a hospital, and a retail shop. You’ll design them in that order as well. You can pick if you want to do a cafe or a restaurant but the rest happen in this order with the retail shop as yourfinal facility.

Put all those items to good use. The new 2.0 update added over 9000 new items! Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (4)

What can I design in Happy Home Paradise?

Short answer, EVERYTHING! Homes, you can change the size, outside design, roofs, colors, and more. Yards can be designed with paths, stairs, bridges, and fences. Items for inside the home pull from the ENTIRE library of items, and then you can customize them without buying customization packs. You also have the ability to use patterns from Sable. So a crib blanket can rock an awesome pizza pattern. Because the catalog is so extensive, it generally shows a collection of recommended items.

The latest addition also brings a new tool to create walls to section off rooms and create accent walls. Another tool you’ll unlock is the shining tool to make a home sparkle.

The fun doesn’t stop at homes, buildings, and items either. You can even customize the lighting, time of day, and season that the home is in. It can be twilight as the sun is setting in Spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming. Or late at night when the sky is clear and full of stars in the middle of winter.

Is everything unlocked when you start Happy Home Paradise?

No, just like inNew Horizons, you need to earn these skills and upgrades. It wouldn’t be fun if everything was unlocked the moment you started playing. The more you create and the happier you make your clients, the more you will unlock in the DLC.

Nikowill start creatingDIY recipesthat you need to bring materials for and leave in the storage box. Islandcounters,pillars, andpartition wallsare some of therecipes. These are allrecipesthat you can also use on your island.

The game is fully unlocked after 30 homes. The final task is the do your retail shop and then celebrate with a huge party on the beach with DJ K.K. You’ll also learn a bunch of new Dance reactions.Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (5)

Can I use Happy Home Paradise items back on my island?

Yes…eventually. Again, the more you go to work, the more you can take ideas and items back to your island and start designing for characters on your island.

Wardellalso works as “Furniture Procurement” forParadise Planning. He helps to get you the items you need in the game.

After 30 homes,Tom Nookwill call you to discuss redecorating homes on your island. You’ll have to pay a fee on your island, but you’ll go toTom Nook’s counter and ask “Let’s talk homes.”

Can you also change a villager’s paradise home island later on?

Yes, after you finish a home, you can return later to Remodel or Move the character to a new location.

What to do if you fill every island spot

You can put multiple vacationers on a plot (not sharing a home) of land. Sometimes you just need those pretty Spring blossom or covered vine pillar areas for the perfect home location. There also isn’t a limit (that anyone has found yet) to how many homes you can design for on the island. Maybe if you run through every single character and amiibo card available!

Is the Happy Home Paradise worth the money?

Absolutely, YES! The access to the extensive library ofAnimal CrossingNew Horizonitems alone is a huge plus. While the job is a fun side game, it makes sitting around and relaxing onAnimal Crossingeven more fun. Take your time decorating homes and unlocking features instead of blowing through the fullexpansion packas quickly as possible.

Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (6)More Details from Animal CrossingHappy Home Paradise DLC

  • When you walk around the island to find a client, a little thought bubble comes up to share what the character’s main theme is that they are looking for on the island.
  • Each client has three item requirements per job, everything else is up to you!
  • A new app is added to your Nook Phone to showcase all the homes you’ve designed.
  • Lottiepays you in Poki not Bells, so you can onlypurchasethings that are sold in her shop.
  • The items inLottie’s lobby are only available there and you can bring them back to your island, including chocolates you can give to your villagers as gifts.
  • There are 48 plots around the island that can be designed. But that does not include the buildings around the main island thatParadise Planning’s office is on.
  • You can place multiple villagers in the same style plots. They don’t share the homes (until later).
  • The main island has five other buildings that you can unlock.
  • Paradise PlanningIsland has a bung of vines and cool weeds you can take home with you and use on your island.
  • New jobs pay 6,000 Poki, after you get a raise (after your first building) you’ll make 9,000 Poki. Then 12,000. After 20 homes you’ll make 15,000 Poki.
  • Remodels pay 3,000 Poki
  • Small jobs like taking photos forLottiepay 2,000 Poki
  • Buildings like the school pay 25,000 Poki
  • Wardellwith teach you how to useSoundscapesto change the atmosphere of a room beyond using music.
  • Your characters can share homes with other characters to becomeroommates. When you unlock the ability to make largerroom sizesand two-story homes, this is a great way to groupvacationerstogether.

Your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise Questions Answered (7)Your First Design Client

Your first design job is automatically picked for you when you first visit. Eloise the cute yellow elephant visitsParadise Planningafter you change into your uniform. You’ll have your first consultation withLottieto discover Eloise’s dream vacation home, which is “My Relaxing Reading Room.” She also has the perfect spot picked out already.

This allows you a practice decorating the inside of a home. For this reason, you won’t get to decorate the outside of the house at first, but when you return you can. It also helps you get started with requirements like the three items that need to be included at the special request of the client. You’ll earn 6,000 Poki during your first job.

After you complete your first job you can continue designing or head back to your island. If you want to continue designing, make sure you’re still wearing your uniform. Chat withLottieand she will promote you to sales and ask you to drum up some business around the island. There were three island visitors wandering around that you can talk to. Without your uniform on, they think you’re just another traveler. Once you have your uniform on, you can “read their minds” about the island life they are dreaming about. Move close to them to see their desires and to select the next project!

Earning perks

After you start creatingvacation homes, the clients will start to gather on the north side of the island. You can talk to them and they will gift you with items as a way of saying thanks. The items are generally items that you used in their home design.

Decorating Your Island VillagersVacation Homeswith Happy Home Paradise

Use your Poki that you’ve earned from jobs to buysouvenir chocolatesfor your villagers. When you give them one as a gift they will want to visit to check out your new job. Once you arrive you can put on your uniform and get to work.

Just remember, if you bring one of your islanders over, they will want to place their vacation home on this new island. This will take the place of a random character that might have the chance to visit.

You can also invite characters, including non-playable characters like Isabelle, Kicks, or Celeste to the island withamiibo Cardsat the kiosk that you can unlock fromLottie.

Need Happy Home Paradiseinspiration?

Check out theHappy Home Network appthatLottieadds to your NookPhone. This app will let you showcase your homes andfacilitiesfor other members to see. You can all see theirshowroomcreations by going online. The app populates a collection of homes and there is a separate tab forfacilities. You can refresh the page to see more.

Check out the full announcement about Happy Home Paradise in the Nintendo Video.

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